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Temporary Claims Solutions for Coronavirus

12th March 2020

Due to the potential disruption that COVID-19 may cause within the United Kingdom and the nature of some of our services, we have decided it necessary to develop temporary practices that will both allow us to fulfil our obligations to our clients and to maintain the health and safety of our staff whilst following Government guidelines.

The enclosed Response Plan contains a list of temporary solutions that we are happy to adopt as a short-term measure until ordinary service may resume without health risk, and we would like to make each of our clients aware of the services available so that we may best cater to our client’s individual needs and preferences in the event of staff shortage due to Coronavirus.

We have very effective and proven alternatives to traditional Field Investigation; RCOconnect is our bespoke video streaming an interviewing software. RCOvalidate allows us to digitally collate evidence remotely enabling a decision, establishing liability or claims validation across all lines. Our outsourcing team provide Claims Handling services under full or partial delegated authority.

It remains our priority to support our Clients during this time and we would urge you to contact us to see how we can help keep your business moving.

Robertson & Co, Coronavirus Response Plan

Digital Services Brochure

One of our existing clients providing feedback using RCOconnect in connection with a Coronavirus self-isolation case:

“Thought you might like to know that today- My colleague completed the first Field Force video interview with a PH. The PH was in self-imposed isolation after a ski trip in the Alpes, so perfect candidate who enjoyed the company I think! Momentous occasion. Could not have got there without you”

Robertson & Co Licensed to Offer Digital Insurance Investigation/Validation Services in the Republic of Ireland

January 7th 2020

London – Robertson & Co., a leading provider of claims handling; liability adjusting, claims investigation and validation solutions and surveillance services since 1997 has announced the commencement of operations in the Republic of Ireland, from Monday 6th January 2020, following the grant of regulatory approval and the necessary licence.

Robertson & Co., renowned for innovation, lead the way in developing and delivering low cost, digital investigation and validation solutions delivering reduced claims costs and lifecycles, leading to greater customer satisfaction and client retention.

David Eldridge, Director of Innovation & Client Services said. “We launched a suite of digital solutions to the UK insurance claims market in 2019, under the brand RCOdigital.  Growth and uptake has been nothing short of phenomenal.  We now look forward to rolling out the programme, together with our traditional investigation services, using locally based staff, in Eire from this month and wider Europe later in the year.”

Our full list of services includes:

  • Bespoke investigations
  • Motor investigation services
  • Motor claims
  • Financial crime
  • Third party interventions
  • Casualty investigations
  • Property investigations
  • Survillence
  • Cybersearch
  • Pre-employment screening
  • Claims management
  • Brand protection
  • Credit hire
  • Counter fraud training

To learn more about this service expansion, please contact:


Ben Robertson

Managing Director

Tel: +44 (0)1277-366900

Mob: +44 (0)7713-987633