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Cyber Title-2

This course uncovers how organised cyber gangs recruit, operate and commit fraud. How they get caught and how to protect yourself and your organisation.

We cover the methods used by organised cyber-crime gangs following detailed intelligence gathering across counter fraud professionals, former fraudsters, dark web sites, manuals and a peer review of findings.

An ideal course to incorporate cyber-crime into your fraud and security strategy, and day to day operations

Our 1-Day Cyber-crime course modules are as follows:

  • Fraud and cyber-crime
  • The drivers of fraud
  • Our research behind the lines into cyber-crime
  • The appeal of cyber-crime
  • Interactive Fraud workshop
  • How Insiders, social engineers and criminal hackers steal data, and how to protect yourself
  • Cyber-crime syndicates’ structures and relevant cyber Jargon explained
  • The dark web and closed user groups – crime as a service
  • Detecting fraud and risks through technology and people skills
  • Minimum standards for web and business security
  • Case studies and examples Fraud and cyber-crime
  • Case studies and examples Internal fraud
  • Case studies and examples First party and third-party fraud
  • Sources to verify information online
  • Dealing effectively with tip-offs
  • Consequences of cyber-crime and security breaches
  • Detecting fraud using technology
  • People skills
  • Mitigating the risks
  • Main risks areas within operations, sales, accounts and IT departments
  • Next steps
  • Q & A

Course Dates

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Course Price

£250 + VAT

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