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Courtroom skills - Giving Professional Evidence, Techniques and Behaviours


  • The English Court System
  • Obtaining, Recording and Presenting Evidence
  • Types of Evidence - Evidence-in-Chief, Expert and Hearsay Evidence
  • The Oath or Affirmation (Civil and Criminal)
  • How to Present Evidence in Court - Go and Bad Behaviours

Learning Objectives

  • To distinguish between the different Courts and their protocols
  • To identify the appropriate types of evidence and the limitations
  • To follow the procedure and rules of the Court
  • To be able to present clear, confident evidence in Court
  • To manage Defence questioning appropriately - Tactics in Cross Examination

Target Audience

This course is aimed at all professional investigators, whether or not you are in the Civil or Criminal arena. 

It will also greatly benefit any staff that are likely to ever be called upon to give evidence in any Court environment. 


Course Price

£75 + VAT


Coming Soon

  • Internal Fraud Awareness
  • Evidence Gathering and Continuity of Evidence
  • Statement writing - s.9 and Civil


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