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Our 2-day programme includes contemporary modules that address the newest trends in using the Internet as an Investigative Tool. Information and intelligence is now the commodity of life, but how do we access rich information and intelligence?

We’ll teach how to seamlessly navigate intricate spaces of the Internet, including untapped areas that can prove pivotal to the success of investigations and general research work.

Our 2-day OSINT course modules are as follows:

Day 1

  • An Introduction into OSINT and Intelligence
  • Preparing Yourself for a Safe Investigation
  • Advanced Search Engine Techniques
  • Internet Browsers and Tools
  • Social Media Intelligence (SOCMINT)
  • Real-time Web Monitoring

Day 2

• Email Addresses
• Video and Image Tools and Techniques
• Geo-location and Online Maps
• TOR and Dark-Web Intelligence
• Planning your OSINT Investigation

• "Sock Puppets"
• The Future of OSINT
• OSINT Tools and Techniques

Course Dates

Register your interest - London (Dates TBC)

Course Price

£400 + VAT

CPD Certified


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